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About Pastor Jim Dixon

Jim Dixon is a husband, father, grandfather, pastor, missionary and with his wife, Marsha, an author. Jim and Marsha are founders of God's Blueprint for Marriage, a ministry based on the experiences they had during reconciliation and restoration of their tumultuous marriage that would have ended in divorce, had it not been for God's intervention. Their marriage workshop called, not surprisingly, "God's Blueprint for Marriage" shares details of their failing marriage and, more importantly, the lessons they learned during the restoration process. Their book, "God's Blueprint for Marriage", is available through their web site, Jim is Missions and Small Groups Pastor at their church, Word of Life Fellowship. He and Marsha have a strong ministry presence in Peru, where he is a leader in the Evangelical Church of Christ of Peru, a Peruvian denomination. And Marsha is founder of Mujeres de Valor (Women of Worth), a ministry helping women in Peru find their place in service to God. They also work with Victory Bible College-Peru and Victory Fellowship of Ministries, organizations dedicated to training and supporting pastors and church leaders in that nation. Their two sons, Michael and Jeffrey, are also in ministry, Jeffrey full time as Youth Pastor of their church. Additionally they have a number of "adopted" sons and daughters, many of whom are in ministry as well. Jim is a professional storm chaser. You can hear him during severe weather in NW Arkansas on 40/29.

More Grace Than Ever!

I can’t get away from it…and the more I study it, the more I want to experience it and walk in it–Grace. Grace is both unmerited favor and divine enablement, as I’ve said before. Ephesians 2:8-10 tells us how we … Continue reading

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Grace—Freedom From Sin…

Last month I posted a blog on grace as unmerited favor, and also as divine enablement. It’s the divine enablement that empowers us to live in God’s favor. Unfortunately, there is a movement in the church referred to as “Hyper-grace”. … Continue reading

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My Plan or His?

Or, it could have been said, “My will or God’s?” I’m asked the question, “How do I know God’s plan (will) for my life?” In most cases, the person asking the question is a believer in Jesus Christ, but not … Continue reading

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Ephesians 5:22-26: Wives and Husbands

In our book, “God’s Blueprint for Marriage”, and in our marriage seminars, we look at the relationship between husbands and wives as it reflect the relationship of Jesus Christ and His bride, the church. I’m always looking at ways to … Continue reading

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More on Grace

When you see the word “grace”, remember it may mean “unmerited favor”, but it also might mean “divine enablement”. Look at the word in context of the scripture. For example, in Ephesians 3:8, Paul refers to the “grace given me … Continue reading

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It’s not all that complicated!

A few years ago when Marsha and I were in Peru speaking at a house church, a man announced he was ready to take the step of faith and become a Christian. (His wife had recently made that same choice.) … Continue reading

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Bad Times Don’t Last!

Over 30 years ago Marsha and I were struggling financially, and saw no light at the end of the tunnel. We were having a “discussion“ (if you had been listening you might’ve called it an “argument”, but we were just … Continue reading

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My goal normally is to read five chapters in the Bible per day, knowing that I can read the entire Bible in one year. But lately, I have been camping out in the Book of Romans. Rather than focusing on … Continue reading

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It’s True, Cover to Cover!

I had a liberal theological background and, therefore, believed much of the book of Genesis was a “true myth”— fables intending to teach us truth, but the stories themselves never happened. There really wasn’t an Adam or an Eve. They … Continue reading

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A Leap of Faith

After twelve years full time at Arkansas Security, I have stepped down from my management position, going part time. I’m still available to help you analyze your security, fire, CCTV and access control needs, so please contact me if I … Continue reading

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