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About Pastor Jim Dixon

Jim Dixon is a husband, father, grandfather, pastor, missionary and with his wife, Marsha, an author. Jim and Marsha are founders of God's Blueprint for Marriage, a ministry based on the experiences they had during reconciliation and restoration of their tumultuous marriage that would have ended in divorce, had it not been for God's intervention. Their marriage workshop called, not surprisingly, "God's Blueprint for Marriage" shares details of their failing marriage and, more importantly, the lessons they learned during the restoration process. Their book, "God's Blueprint for Marriage", is available through their web site, Jim is Missions and Small Groups Pastor at their church, Word of Life Fellowship. He and Marsha have a strong ministry presence in Peru, where he is a leader in the Evangelical Church of Christ of Peru, a Peruvian denomination. And Marsha is founder of Mujeres de Valor (Women of Worth), a ministry helping women in Peru find their place in service to God. They also work with Victory Bible College-Peru and Victory Fellowship of Ministries, organizations dedicated to training and supporting pastors and church leaders in that nation. Their two sons, Michael and Jeffrey, are also in ministry, Jeffrey full time as Youth Pastor of their church. Additionally they have a number of "adopted" sons and daughters, many of whom are in ministry as well. Jim is a professional storm chaser. You can hear him during severe weather in NW Arkansas on 40/29.

“My Word Will Not Return to Me Empty…”

Knowing there wasn’t enough money to cover the first-of-the-month draft payments and pay our tithe, we paid our tithe. Two days later we received a check for back wages Marsha was owed by her former employer of several years ago. … Continue reading

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Final Lesson From Job #2

In the final chapters of the Book of Job, the Lord said He was God and didn’t owe Job an explanation. Once Job grasped the reality of that, he repented. “Then Job answered the LORD, “I know that you can … Continue reading

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A Final Lesson from Job—For Now, Anyway…

Now in Job 36, as Elihu continues to speak to Job and his friends, it seems that, perhaps, Job’s self-righteousness is is downfall. He continues throughout his discourse that his circumstances are unfair because he’s lived a righteous life. Instead … Continue reading

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Another lesson from Job

When I began this book a few days ago, I admitted to God that I had trouble with Job, and asked Him to help me understand. He’s certainly answered that request. Having read, now through Job chapter 23. Job is … Continue reading

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Another Lesson from Job

In my last post I pondered what might have happened if Job had asked God for deliverance rather than blaming Him for his troubles. I’m reading his friends’ responses to Job and I’m reminded of my early experiences in the … Continue reading

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Struggling with Job but beginning to understand (I think)

Reading Job, which has always been a difficult book for me to understand. God gives the devil permission to attack Job? Seems inconsistent with God’s character. But, I think I’m beginning to understand. Job is no different from the rest … Continue reading

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Sunday the Lord gave me a word for the church—not just Word of Life, but the chiurch at large. The word was “reboot”. I’ve been meditating on what that might mean, and I think I’m starting to understand. Reboot usually … Continue reading

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Was COVID-19 Prophesied by Isaiah? If so, What Does it Mean?

Pastor David Wilkerson, in 1986, wrote this to Jerusalem Prayer Team’s Dr. Mike Evans, who shared it in a recent message. It’s very timely in light of current events. Perhaps this is, indeed, the beginnings of the next Great Awakening. … Continue reading

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In the Midst of It All, God’s Still In Charge!

Wednesday evening during praise and worship I sensed a deep sense of concern, perhaps even fear, was beginning to impact the faith of some of those who vowed to remain strong in their faith during the COVID-19 crisis. I asked … Continue reading

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More Grace Than Ever!

I can’t get away from it…and the more I study it, the more I want to experience it and walk in it–Grace. Grace is both unmerited favor and divine enablement, as I’ve said before. Ephesians 2:8-10 tells us how we … Continue reading

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