My good friend, Dr. Morris Vickers, sent the following commentary, and I am posting by permission.  I’ll TRY to refrain from commenting further, except to say that I agree with him.


Parents understand the challenges of disapproving the behavior of their children. If the parents have a different point of view than the child saying so may be met with a defiant “NO!” by the child.  At another age the child may ask repeatedly, ”WHY”? By preteen and teen years the parents’ point of view on behavior may be met with an emotional outburst of “I hate you”.

 Where does hate enter the picture when two people or groups of people have different points of view about an area of behavior? Are parents being hateful toward their children when they exercise their role of shaping character and social responsibility? Does the outburst of “I hate you” really express the true feeling of the child?  Not likely. It is an emotional response. Give the child a few more years. They grow up to understand that the parents’ point of view, when different than their own, does not mean the parents hate them and they do not hate their parents.

 Adults, engaged in expressing different points of view with other adults, need to behave like grown ups and not children.

 A recent incident brings this to mind.

 Mr. Dan Cathy, COO of Chick fil A restaurants was interviewed by the Baptist Press. The conversation was published in the Biblical Recorder’s July 7, 2012 issue. When asked about support for the traditional family Cathy said in the story “Well, guilty as charged. We are very much supportive of the family—the biblical definition of the family unit.” Cathy said, “we are a family owned business, a family led business, and we are married to our first wives. We give God thanks for that”.

 Cathy did not call homosexuals uncomplimentary names. No pejorative terms were used. No criticism of homosexuality. No slanderous statements.  No, “I hate you” attitude was expressed toward homosexuals.

 However the opposite cannot be said about the response by homosexuals and their friends. Several political figures vowed to stop Chick fil A from opening stores in their state or city. One customer videotaped himself harassing a Chick fil A worker who was handing him a free cup of water. Other statements were made accusing the company of being evil and individuals who support Cathy’s statements as being “homophobic”. Cathy said that the value basis of his belief in traditional marriage is the Bible and for that he was cursed at and his character demeaned.

 Being anti-homosexual marriage does not require speaking against it. It only requires saying something favorable about a form of marriage that that has been accepted for thousands of years by an overwhelming number of societies.

 Where is the hate? Is it what Cathy had to say or is it in the over-reaction of homosexuals and their supporters who need to GROW UP? Just because someone does not agree with your lifestyle does not mean they hate you.

 If, as a homosexual, you are comfortable and secure with who you are, then grow up and quit taking any statement that does not praise you as criticism. If you, as a homosexual, are comfortable and secure with who you are then grow up and quit hijacking words like “gay” and “marriage” to have yourself seen in a more favorable light.

 And, as a homosexual, if you are comfortable and secure in your identity then when someone uses their interpretation of Scripture to form an opinion don’t think that calling them a nasty name like “homophobic” is the answer.  The response from them might be “why do you have a fear of what the Bible has to say”?   Grow Up.

About Pastor Jim Dixon

Jim Dixon is a husband, father, grandfather, pastor, missionary and with his wife, Marsha, an author. Jim and Marsha are founders of God's Blueprint for Marriage, a ministry based on the experiences they had during reconciliation and restoration of their tumultuous marriage that would have ended in divorce, had it not been for God's intervention. Their marriage workshop called, not surprisingly, "God's Blueprint for Marriage" shares details of their failing marriage and, more importantly, the lessons they learned during the restoration process. Their book, "God's Blueprint for Marriage", is available through their web site, www.godsblueprint.info Jim is Missions and Small Groups Pastor at their church, Word of Life Fellowship. He and Marsha have a strong ministry presence in Peru, where he is a leader in the Evangelical Church of Christ of Peru, a Peruvian denomination. And Marsha is founder of Mujeres de Valor (Women of Worth), a ministry helping women in Peru find their place in service to God. They also work with Victory Bible College-Peru and Victory Fellowship of Ministries, organizations dedicated to training and supporting pastors and church leaders in that nation. Their two sons, Michael and Jeffrey, are also in ministry, Jeffrey full time as Youth Pastor of their church. Additionally they have a number of "adopted" sons and daughters, many of whom are in ministry as well. Jim is a professional storm chaser. You can hear him during severe weather in NW Arkansas on 40/29.
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